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25th January 2005

4:33pm: i love live journal how are you guys anyways

5th February 2004

10:55am: Stuff
So yesterday I played some hockey and I am so freakin sore today! It was nice to get off my fat ass for once and do something active. We played a little game of 2 on 2 and my team (the businessmen) killed em! I got hit by the puck twice so I only have a bruise rib and a giant welt on my leg... Gotta take some for the team ya know? After 4 hours of hockey, I went home to get ready cause we had a show in Long Beach, at Dipiazzas. We played as a 4 piece cause Brian had class. Jim and I just switched off on bass. Playing bass sure was boring!! haha... poor Brian. I feel for the boy... It did sound great in that little place. I was surprised. We talked w/ the owner and he told me to call him to book us again and say, "we're the band that did the cover of Weezer's, "Say it ain't so"." haha... Time for class. bye
Current Mood: sore

3rd February 2004

12:06am: Hogues Show!
k, tonight's show went really really well! I usually don't say that either... We usually suck! But we got sooo many connections off this one show. We got free clothes from Deke Co. (we're ghetto so that's the only way that we'll extend our wardrobe), we're getting hooked up with a show with Watashi Wa (one of my fav. bands) and Slow Coming Day. We sold some CDs and met a bunch of hot girlies too! always a plus... Now I just have to worry about my 3 tests coming up this week. Wish me luck! Study time.
Current Mood: excited

2nd February 2004

12:13am: Bored...
I'm really bored and I can't sleep so I thought I'd write in here. Lately, I've been thinking about a bunch of different stuff... Like, How much longer am I going to be able to withstand not talking to the ex??? 4 days and counting... She sends me a guilty "goodnight" text message every night. I know she's just screwing w/ my mind but that still gets to me. Thanks to all of you who divert my mind elsewhere. I wonder if tomorrow's show is going to be a bust... 50/50 chance either way. God only knows what will happen. I wonder if I'll ever do what I've promised myself and make it to church one of these days. I've been listening to a lot of old Christian songs (Steven Curtis Chapman, Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, DC talk haha, etc...) cause I found this old mix that I made way back in the day. Those songs make me happy. : ) They remind me of the times I'd perform for the church's elementary and high school kids way back in the day. I remember going to the summer and winter camps w/ the kids and just having a blast. I was the coolest counselor ever. My kids were all crazy! good times... Its crazy that I actually met Jon, Mark, and Jim through that churches band. Jim and I got to perform w/ Switchfoot up at the Sacramento Convention Center... (Random side note: it's like 12:40AM and I just got a call from the ex saying that she just got a call from a random girl who said, "this is Justin's new g/f so you better F off or I'll kick your ass bitch." She doesn't believe that I don't have a new g/f within the 4 days cause she's hearing all these stupid rumors such as that one. If that is even true. How much more random can it get? What dumbass called her and said that? stupid.) k, that really threw me off... there goes any thought of sleep that I once dreamed of. I'm off to think once again. Maybe I'll be productive and write a song or something. goodnight
Current Mood: confused

31st January 2004

6:30pm: Sweet 16 Party
Last night Bluntside played at a sweet 16 party in San Clemente. We rolled up only to see this giant mansion that was practically right on San Clemente beach. They had us play inside this small living room and the acoustics were horrible. By the end of the night, a lot of the youngins were getting into it, jumping around the place w/ their tiny skirts. I know that Mark enjoyed that... sicko! So we played two sets and like 20 songs, half of which we played twice, having about 5 "last songs"... We covered some Weezer, All American Rejects, Jimmy Eat World, etc... Good times! We went out to Dennys after. We had our steriotypical guy talk, w/ Casey & Melissa (Brian's and Jim's g/fs) included. We left Dennys around 12:30 and everyone else decided to go home. I went out w/ Leslie and Linnsi over to the beach. We went to Strands. I hadn't been there for so long. So many memories... Linnsi's drunk ass stayed in the car while Leslie and myself attempted to venture onto the beach. Due to the freezing weather, the 1000 stairs, and Leslies uncomfortable shoes, we were never able to make it to the actual beach. We just chilled on a bench for a while and talked about random stuff... Buffalos, Revenge Sex, Apple Shampoo, Band Boys, Something Corporate, Granny Sweaters, etc... After a few hours of freezing and a few drinks of the coke and orange vodka, (which was very very very disgusting) we decided to call it a night and we went home. I had a good time. Thanks Leslie for driving a million miles to see me!!!
Current Mood: amused

27th January 2004

10:33am: life sucks again.
School started back up for me a couple of weeks ago. I've decided to change my major to business. I've got a bit of catching up to do because I once had my hopes set on music, but not anymore. Music theory sucks!!! I'm taking business law, precalculus, geology, and microeconomics. I just do homework in my spare time now. Fun huh??? Home Depot won't even freakin let up on me. They could really care less about my own well being as I'm working at least 32 hours a weeks now. I've requested to work under 24 hours a week at least 5 times. I knew that the employees there were a bunch of morons but I at least gave them the credit of understanding, "Please do not schedule me for more than 24 hrs a week. Thank You." I guess I gave them more credit than they deserve. They're all just a bunch of tards... Time to learn. bye
Current Mood: blah

24th January 2004

12:45pm: randomness...
So my parents are gone for one night... I told a select few that I "might" have people over but I hadn't decided yet. Anyways, I decided to just go watch some movies with the ex for the night. I come home the next morning only to find 1 guy and 2 girls making breakfast in my kitchen. I was like, "wtf??" I wasn't mad cause it was my best friend Josh so my house is basically his house. I can only hope that nothing too freaky deaky went on in my own F'n bed... I probably won't be passing that blacklight test any time soon. haha! ewww that's just gross... I guess its about time to wash my sheets...
Current Mood: okay

23rd January 2004

8:18pm: My New Journal!
ok, so I'm starting my new "Live Journal" today. Why they call it that, I have no clue. I'm really bad at stuff like this and will probably never update it so I apologize ahead of time. I was told that these things were addicting, but we'll see about that... That's all for now, I'll try to start my real entry tomorrow (maybe even later tonight if you're lucky) and tell you about all the neat stuff that is going on with me...
Current Mood: lethargic
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